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New from 12 Point on Busted Flat Records: Tippy Agogo & Bill Bourne - 'Amoeba Collective'
Featuring Madagascar Slim, Tom Mennier, Michelle Josef, Donato Scipioni and Spacial Guests


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"... audiences have responded in various ways, some were comatose in their seats... others dancing like banshees." - The Local, Sunshine Coast Jazz & Entertainment Society

"On stage is the strangest thing I've seen in my life, and I've seen a few ... the man repeats clickety-popbeats with his teeth and tongue. He grabs a busted guitar and pounds the top. He shakes a rattle. He bashes a cymbal. Just then, a long-haired folky of international fame walks on stage with his guitar to join the bizarre, one-man tribal symphony. Yes, that's Juno-award winner Bill Bourne singing and picking next to this mad maestro, Tippy Agogo. All that I could think of at the time was: Somebody should be recording this; this is magic." - Scott McKeen, Edmonton Journal

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Amoeba contact:

Press: Sarah French - 416 566 4188 Sarah French Publicity
Record Company: Busted Flat Records
Touring & Bookings: Selena Bewsky - Winnipeg
Email - myfriendsel (at)
Ph: 204-801-7588

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